These are words and phrases that describe Ruth McLennan, my real estate agent: helpful, decisive, smart, empathetic, insightful, full of personality, fun to be with. With the incredible amount of accumulated knowledge of her field and her organizational skills, she has developed a team and process at Keller Williams Realty that works absolutely seamlessly. And, a hugely important part of this team is her executive administrator, Nancy Bohlayer.

Ruth (everyone calls her Ruthie) is “quick” in the traditional sense of the word – in all areas. She gets to the point, makes decisions, follows up – all this was done without me feeling pressured. I had decided I would listen to the professionals and it worked.

I first met Ruthie during a stay in Corning the fall of the previous year at which time I also met with two other agents. I had decided that the following spring I would put on the market our family home which for the last several years had become our second home. Ruthie toured the house and grounds and described the selling process to me. Along with general printed materials, she left with me a disclosure statement form and other information-gathering forms. Before I returned to Corning in late February, I contacted Ruthie early that month to let her know I would like her to be my representative.

We met on a Tuesday the week after my return. We agreed on a listing price, signed the agreement papers; I gave her my completed disclosure statement and my completed forms regarding utilities’ costs and service people(with telephone numbers) I had used. She made suggestions regarding the “staging” of the home which I followed up on with the aid of two helpers that evening and the next morning. Ruthie returned Wednesday afternoon with my copies of the signed documents. She tweaked a little bit the placement of some objects in the house; my listing was placed on the local MLS and that Wednesday afternoon Nancy Bohlayer called to tell me there were three requests for showing the next day, Thursday. The three showings took place. (In all, there were to be 11 or 12 showings. Friday, a talented photographer came to the house to take pictures for the creation of a virtual tour.

In the third week I had two purchase offers. Ruthie handled the negotiations (see last paragraph!). By the end of that week I had a signed contract. I was provided with a “contract-to-close roadmap” that included detailed instructions. I followed it and all went smoothly. I trusted and completely followed the professionals’ guidance.

There is one astounding detail to include. During the second week Ruthie came down with pneumonia and yet all the operations continued smoothly (some from the sickbed!) because of the team she had created!



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