Business Manager for The Mower McLennan Team

As Business Manager for the Team, I unequivocally state ‘I love my job’!

I have -what I consider- an exciting set of Team responsibilities including anything related to finances, the internet, systems development, Team standards, operations reporting and -my absolute favorite duty – marketing. I think the skill set I bring to the Team from my work in IT Systems Development has been helpful in developing and maintaining a quality set of Standard Operating Procedures to ensure the Team provides a consistently high level of service to our clients.

When wife Ruthie started her residential real estate career years ago, I never dreamed I could have so much fun! Ruthie immediately asked for my help learning the profession and supporting her efforts to grow her business. After many years working with Ruthie, I’m excited to continue my real estate career as a member of the Mower McLennan Team!


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